What is a business plan?
A business plan is a roadmap for the future of a new or existing company. Check out the U.S. Small Business Administration website for the components of a business plan and for some helpful advice on how to make one that stands out.

Business Plan Formats
There are many different ways to format a business plan, however, for consistency, all business plans submitted must be in the general format provided on our website and include all of the segments. You may add additional segments if needed, or delete segments not relevant to your individual plan.

What Business Plans are Acceptable
For an entry to be valid, the business plan must be the original thought of the team or individual contestant. You may submit a business plan for an entirely new business/invention or a plan that expands upon an existing business or cottage industry, as long as the ideas and concepts in the plan are your own and are not already the intellectual property of an existing company.

Tips from our Judges:
Well researched plans which include conclusions supported with facts help convince investors to fund projects.
Correct spelling and grammar are important and speak volumes about your professionalism.
A good plan will make a solid case for why the business or an expansion will be successful and clearly illustrate to the reader (and prospective investor) how it will operate and turn a profit.