I want to participate in The Next Great Entrepreneur! What should I do?
For a start, register for The Next Great Entrepreneur! You will have to provide the team leader's details, postal address and also information of other team members. Once you are done with the confirmation, you can proceed to the submission page.

What is the registration/participation fee for The Next Great Entrepreneur!?
There is NO registration/participation fee.

What is the last date of submission?
The last date for submitting/editing your Business Plan is 22nd February 2013.

Can I enter all three The Next Great Entrepreneur! General, Green Tech and Women?
Yes, you can participate in all three categories. But ideas for competitions must cater to the respective categories. You cannot enter in three categories with the same Business Plan.

Can I submit additional documents along with the summary?
No, we do not accept any other documents.

How can I confirm that I have submitted the Business Plan?
After submitting your entry, you will see a page confirming the receipt of your Business plan along with your final submission.

I registered more than once for the same entry. What should I do?
A single registration should be done for a single entry. Multiple registrations for the same entry may result in rejection of the registration.

How is confidentiality of the business plan maintained?
The entries for The Next Great Entrepreneur are judged by reputed faculty, established entrepreneurs and industrialists who believe in promoting entrepreneurship. They are themselves very busy people and looking at business plans is a routine affair for them. Your entry is viewed only by the judges.

Where can I get a sample copy of a business plan?
You can get a sample copy of a business plan under the download section of the Website.

What should be the size of my team?
Teams can be of any size, but a typical team consists of 2 to 3 members. However, having more than 3 members is not allowed. Each team is advised to figure out what expertise it needs to develop a successful business plan and build a team to meet those needs.

Can a team consist of people from different colleges?
Yes, teams can consist of individuals from different colleges.

Do I compulsorily need to have a team?
Yes, the team should be of minimum 2 and maximum 3 people.

How will the business plans be judged?
business plans will be evaluated based on the quality of the plan, the feasibility of the plan and the size of the market opportunity amongst other judging parameters.

What resources are available to help me in writing my business plan?
Teams that qualify for the second round will be mentoring sessions from the entrepreneurial community to provide assistance and guidance in developing a successful business plan.

How does the mentoring program work?
Mentors are experienced sector-specific entrepreneurs or experts who provide assistance and guidance to the participants. Mentors will offer suggestions and feedback to help participants develop and refine their business plan. Participants are not required to have a mentor, although teams are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.